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Where Celebrities Shop on the East Coast

While the West Coast is the home to most celebrities as they live and shop around Hollywood and Los Angeles, where do the celebs go when they are on the East Coast. The biggest city attractions are New York, Philadelphia, and the Miami regions. So what outlets are you most likely to visit and see a celebrity at? Let’s go over the list.

Philadelphia and the surrounding areas have a lot of great outlets for shopping enthusiasts. King of Prussia Mall has over 400 stores in its directory. They are considered a premium outlet owned by Simon, who also several other mall properties across America and surrounding Philadelphia. The most popular of which is their King of Prussia Mall in Conshohocken, but they also have Philadelphia Mills which is closer to the city.

When visiting Pennsylvania there are plenty of attractions to see. Some like to visit the tourist shops like the Amish craft stores. Others like to go outlet shopping in Lancaster, and women especially look for clothing stores in Lancaster PA.

If you want to look like a celebrity and are looking for malls in PA, then you just need to go to Rockvale Outlets, a premium outlet in PA. About an hour from Philadelphia are the Rockvale Outlets, which has close to 100 stores. Located just outside of the tourist area of Lancaster, PA, you won’t have to pay sales tax on clothing. Lancaster is also where Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney are occasionally seen out and about.

Real Life Lessons Learned From Celebrities in Debt

Being in a financial bind is frustrating. It's something we've all encountered at one time or another. Everyone has their story to tell about when things got tight and sacrifices they had to make. A common theme among stories of money struggles are recollections and tales of college days.

Embarking on higher education comes with a very large price tag. Tuition fees seem outrageous enough and then are joined by housing costs; textbooks, daily meals, and mobile device service (remember to call home occasionally). This is an expensive time in one's life and it's very easy to rack up considerable debt like these celebrities.

Keeping Your Head Above Water

Many students obtain a job to help balance the cost of living and schooling. For some this is far preferable than to adopt cheap cups of noodles as a primary food source. With regular classes and studies to attend to, the amount of time spent working and, by default, the amount one may earn, is diminished by these limiting factors. This leaves little in reserve for unanticipated costs.

Nonetheless, unexpected expenses pay no heed to when you get your next check and can catch you by surprise. With thing already tight, it's hard to address spontaneous financial situations. When you rely on a vehicle that needs repairs or require medical attention, you can't procrastinate. Most businesses require immediate payment for services.

Buying Time

Over-drafting may cover the immediate problem but will definitely bite you with steep bank fees on top of the difference owed. Acquiring a loan though the bank can take time and will be tricky if you already have college loans.

If you just need to make to next payday or the following, there is something you can do. Payday loans online offer cash fast and regardless of poor credit. Maybe you just have a trip or vacation coming up and you want to do some shopping in Lancaster PA then a quick cash advance is the way to go.

Payday loans are short-term loans that don't collect interest over long periods like bank loans so interest tends to be higher. This might be a turn-off for some folks but, for the financially savvy individual, this is not an issue as they borrow within their budget and plan to pay off the advance with payments from the next couple paychecks.

Use Responsibly

Responsible use of cash advances can also do another benefit to those starting out on their own in that it can help one to build credit. As they say, "the only thing worse than bad credit is no credit.” In a time when students are both challenged and blessed with responsibility and independence it does good to establish and build upon those characteristics in the financial realm.

Young adults face countless challenges during their extended education. These challenges can be academic but are also often experiences in self-reliance. Much like a final exam, one needs to have the knowledge of what they will do when face with financial adversity.

Being able to balance income, knowing when to seek additional aid, and promptly repaying a debt are all qualities that demonstrate maturity and an ability to maneuver resources to get a positive outcome. Aside from building credit and resolving immediate money matters students who apply smart methods to juggle finances will have experience and confidence when future matters arise.

So don't de daunted by sudden debt. There's a variety of methods to obtain money when needed, and can be repaid at your leisure if handled responsibly and promptly. Financial help is out there if you know where to look.